Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires: the Magical Nights of River Plate

There is something special, even magical, as you get closer to the Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires during game day. You can feel an energetic atmosphere all around. There will be around 90,000 people in the stands, we know that.

River Plate has a record of selling out their home games, and this one will not be the exception. It is mid march, the end of the summer in the Southern hemisphere. Buenos Aires is experiencing a heat wave, and this plays an important role for the game. It is hot, very hot. 

How to get there?

We took a tour. There are companies that specialize in getting people to/from the stadium, getting you into your seats, and there’s someone with the group all the time. This is very advisable and convenient, especially if you don’t know your way around the Monumental Stadium. Our guide was very knowledgeable and nice. He is like the rest of us: wants to have fun and enjoy the experience. 

The Ambience

A couple of blocks away from the entrance you could hear the crowds singing. It is not strange for many of us to hear the crowds. College football, with their humongous marching bands, do a very good job in encouraging the crowds. There were no bands, or even musical instruments, at the Monumental Stadium. There were only people singing. Almost 90,000 people cheered for River Plate at the beginning of the game. 

Our gates to the Stadium
This is the game I attended. It is not my video, but you can see the amazing atmosphere before the game. Magical!

How About the Opposing Team?

There were two very interesting things happening in the stadium. First, there were no opposing team fans. River was playing Godoy Cruz, from Mendoza, and all of those Argentine clubs have very passionate fans. No Godoy Cruz fans were at the stadium. And, second, the game was alcohol free. The crowds were completely crazy, and there was no alcohol available. 

Our seats had a great view!

Magic in Buenos Aires

The game was an incredible experience. There is something magical when you see thousands of people singing and jumping at the same time. That energy is very hard to beat. River Plate won 3-0, and everyone was happy. The game went by really fast. And, since River won, the crowds were happy and everything was calm. 

Thousands of people go and support River Plate

Once you get out of the stadium, you will see MANY policemen in riot gear. Apparently that is a common practice at the end of every game. People are passionate, and even though you’re basically with home fans, they will still argue and fight. Stick to your guide and he will get you out of there with no problems. 

This is an amazing experience, and completely recommendable. Even if you’re not a sports fan, or a football (soccer) fan, you need to experience the environment and passion that only Argentina can offer. 


Wear the home team colors (red and white)! Or at least wear something related to the Argentina National Team.

Don’t bring in too many things, since they will not allow you to take them to the stadium.

It is good to have a guide, since he will let you know all the rules before leaving your hotel. 


I also learned there is a restaurant in the Stadium that operates when there are no scheduled games. I hope to go and check it our next month. From their Instagram Account, you can tell that there’s good food and views.

Don’t forget to check the surrounding neighborhoods. Belgrano, and especially Palermo, will have great places to have dinner or hang out after the game. You can even try Parrilla Don Julio. Buenos Aires never disappoints!

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