Cabaña Las Lilas: Buenos Aires finest at Puerto Madero’s #1 Restaurant

When you think about going to a restaurant that is close to you in Buenos Aires, convenience is probably the first word that comes to mind. However, if close to you means Puerto Madero, you are in for a treat! Though Puerto Madero has amazing culinary options, the one we enjoy the most is Cabaña Las Lilas.

The first thing you’ll notice is the life-size cow greeting you from the port entrance. That was so obvious that we ended up calling it the “cow restaurant”. Though it is a great way to make sure you’re at the right place, the restaurant per se is amazing. 

Walking Inside the Restaurant

The setting and ambience is very nice and inviting. Actually, in March 2020 (yes, that March), Cabaña Las Lilas was the only restaurant we went to in Buenos Aires, and had an amazing lunch. It was crazy to think that the next lunch we were going to have was locked inside our house. Now, that is a different story that will be told at some point, so let’s get back to the restaurant. 

Buenos Aires’ incredible Cuisine

Appetizers are incredible. The Argentine Chorizo is a must for me, and the one in Cabaña Las Lilas is delicious. The grilled provolone is also fantastic. I love their empanadas, and though empanadas are good anywhere, there is something special about restaurant crafted ones. They serve everything with bread and spreads, and the Chimichurri is very good. And, yes, that Brazilian cheese bread is mouth watering. 

I also want to make a special mention to their chorizo. The flavor and temperature were impressive. I could eat their chorizo for a complete meal, for sure. I wouldn’t recommend it, just for the simple reason that all of their food is fantastic.

All steaks come with that little cow. Mine says “jugoso”, meaning medium rare

Steaks are extraordinary. The ribeye was incredible, and this is what I would usually get. A couple of my friends got the Tomahawk. It was flamed tableside. They claim that the steak was unbelievable, and surprisingly I believe what they were saying. They also have Wagyu beef, and if you can afford it I bet it will be worth it. 

The Wine Cellar

They have an extensive wine cellar. In addition, their sommelier was very helpful in deciding which wine would go better with our meal. And, believe me, he was not trying to sell the most expensive wine, but rather give the best option with a price range. This is always good to know, especially if you want to have a good well rounded Argentine experience. 

Their wine cellar is incredible. I’ve never seen a wine list as extensive and comprehensive as the ones they have. Luckily, you don’t need to break the bank to have a experience a good wine. Though this restaurant is pricier than many others in Buenos Aires, you can enjoy a great bottle for a very decent price.

Sweet Tooth

To close the meal you need to have a dessert. The coconut flan is an experience that I’m still tasting right now. Their dessert selection is extensive and delicious. At the end, they used to bring two bottles with two small glasses. One of the bottles seemed to have water, but in reality it was anise. The other one had limoncello. At any rate, they’re both liqueurs so be careful and don’t overdo it! 


Dress appropriately, not necessarily formal but business casual will be sufficient. 

Order appetizers. Anything will be good

Try their desserts

More ideas

We included Cabaña las Lilas in our Top 3 Places to Eat in Buenos Aires. If you want to have more suggestons on what to do in Buenos Aires, you can try our Buenos Aires Top 10!

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