Don Julio, Buenos Aires: The Amazing World’s #1 Steakhouse

Have you ever wondered how it is to go to the BEST steakhouse in the world? We did in Buenos Aires, and it was awesome!

Parrilla Don Julio, a Buenos Aires legend

We all know, or at least have heard, that Argentina has amazing steaks. However, once you know that the #1 steakhouse in the world, according to The World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants, is in Buenos Aires, you pretty much need to go and see. IT IS THE #1 STEAKHOUSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!

That’s a big accomplishment, and Parrilla Don Julio has earned it. In addition, Michelin has awarded them one star for high quality cooking. 

Hope you don’t mind waiting

The first thing you’ll notice once you get close to it is that there’s a line to get in. That’s why it is advisable for you to have a reservation, so that you can go directly in. Dinner starts at 7 pm, and there were people in line that were advised that there will be availability for them around 11 pm.

Since they close at 1 am, they can serve you at 11 pm with no problems. However, if that is late for you, plan ahead. Luckily waiting in line wasn’t that bad, they were offering small empanadas and sparkling wine to make the wait worth it. 

What to Eat

The menu is what you expect to see from an Argentine steakhouse, yet some of the items seem to be special. The goat provolone grilled cheese (and we’re talking about a piece of cheese, not a sandwich) was particularly good.

The Argentine chorizo (sausage, not spicy like Mexican chorizo) is also an amazing experience. They also served some of those tiny empanadas as a pre-appetizer, and they were delicious. 

Steaks are amazing. That ribeye is so tender and delicious that it almost made me cry. All the other steaks looked great, yet there’s something special about a ribeye that makes me gravitate towards it. Surprisingly there are also vegetarian options, as part of the sides (including grilled vegetables) and pasta. 

This ribeye was EXTRAORDINARY!

What to Drink

You should always tie your experience together with a good Malbec. Don Julio has many available and for different budgets. You don’t need to break the bank in order to have a nice wine for dinner.

There are many different drinks available, but going classic never hurts. Don Julio has a gigantic wine cellar, and most likely they will not run out of wine while you’re there. 


Prices are elevated for Buenos Aires, but for a tourist with dollars (March 2023) it was very reasonable, especially if you take into account the overall experience. This was my fifth time at Don Julio, and I will be coming back every time I go back to Buenos Aires.

After dinner, many people like to experience the Palermo neighborhood and you can walk around and explore. It is a happening place with many entertainment and dining options available through the night, just in case you need a little extra! 

A meal for 4 people was around $170 dollars


Reserve, that way you will have a place to sit once you get there. 

Make sure you have room for your steak. 

Get a glass (or a bottle) of Malbec. 

You can get your own Don Julio souvenir knife!


Don Julio lived up to the hype. The food was great, the experience was great, the location is fantastic. Is it worth the wait? Absolutely. And, reiterating, you might have to wait several hours to get in, but you will not regret it. While waiting, you could even catch a River Plate soccer game. I hope to go back in a month, and I hope to come up with an update!

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