Roatan: A Hidden Gem in Honduras

Last year, I had the opportunity to visit an astonishingly beautiful island named Roatan in Honduras. Honestly, it was never on my bucket list, but after spending some unforgettable moments there, I can assertively say that this place definitely deserves a spot on everyone’s travel list.

Nestled in the Caribbean, just off the northern coast of Honduras, Roatan is a true paradise for beach lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike, boasting an impressive array of marine life that makes it a premier destination for scuba diving and snorkeling.

However, if scuba diving and snorkeling are not your cup of tea and you prefer a more low-key, relaxed vacation, Roatan is able to provide that as well. It is a great destination for adventure seekers and beach bums alike.

Our Stay at Lands End Resort

Our stay at the Lands End Resort only enriched our experience on the island. Some may describe the resort as rustic, but, in my opinion, it was nothing short of charming, brimming with personality and exuding a unique vibe.

The small, warm hotel welcomes you with a large covered deck that houses a restaurant, kitchen, and the management office. Behind it lies a pool and a lounging area, perfect for sunbathing. There’s also a concrete slab by the water, apparently a launch point for scuba diving and snorkeling expeditions. For those interested, a gear rental shop is conveniently located just a five-minute walk away.

The rooms, accessible via stairs to the left of the restaurant, were spacious, clean, and boasted an interesting green hardwood floor. Unlike larger hotel chains, all the room doors open to the outside, providing a unique sense of freedom and connection with the environment.

The breakfast menu was set, but everything was freshly made as we sat down to eat, and the staff was extremely accommodating of my vegetarian lifestyle.

Sunset at the Lands End Resort

Furry Friends in Roatan

One of the highlights of our stay was our befriending the two resident cats, Felix and Buttersquash. Felix, a black and white tuxedo cat, was the older, alpha cat, while Buttersquash, a young orange tabby, was still quite playful. We brought cat food from home and they loved the treats we gave them. In fact, they soon learned that my purse was the source of these treats and would almost politely try to open it!

They made us feel at home, and provided a pleasant distraction on a particularly rainy afternoon, with Buttersquash who chose to wait out the rain with us in the room by playing a fishing game on my iPad. After working so hard at fishing, Buttersquash decided that rainy weather, the soothing sound of the sea outside and a comfy bed with his new best friends were the perfect combination for a nice nap.

If you’re seeking a high-end, fancy resort with room service, Lands End Resort may not be the place for you. But, if you’re in search of a laid-back, friendly environment that offers a clean, safe and family-friendly atmosphere at a low-budget, this place is perfect. It’s the kind of place where you get to know the staff and have conversations with other guests, a place that feels like home.

Exploring the Town of West End, Roatan

The resort’s location is ideal, being just a short walk away from the main strip where there are plenty of stores and restaurants. A small grocery store nearby worked out perfectly for us as our room was equipped with a mini fridge, great for keeping drinks cold.

The grocery accepted credit cards except for once when the credit card machine was not working. It would be a good idea to have some cash in instances like this. The grocery store did not provide shopping bags. However, it did have boxes if you wanted to carry your items back to your room in a box.

We did that once, but it wasn’t as easy to hold a box and an umbrella. I would recommend packing a small foldable shopping bag in your suitcase. More suggestions on what to pack in the rainy season in Roatan is found here.

The town itself has a vibrant energy, with clothing stores offering a range of Tshirts and beach attire. The souvenir shops are a must-visit for those wanting to take a piece of Roatan back home.

Additionally, the local art shop features beautiful handmade pieces, reflecting the creativity and talent of the locals. As for foodies, the town is dotted with numerous restaurants serving an assortment of delectable local cuisines.

There is a tourism company that offers a variety of exciting tours, such as boat rides, snorkeling tours, monkey and sloth sanctuary tours, for those looking to explore the island and its wildlife.   They also offer a water taxi to the other side of the island. 

We planned to do a sunset boat tour but unfortunately,  we didn’t get to do it because of the rain.  The manager of the tour company was very accommodating.  He planned a very romantic boat tour down to the last details even asking us what food/ drinks we wanted. However, the weather changed and the manager was incredibly nice to tell us that he would still take us but due to the weather, it wouldn’t be worth our money.  We highly appreciated his business integrity! 

Even though we didn’t do the sunset boat tour, we did go to Victor’s Monkey and Sloth sanctuary with his company.  And it was amazing!  Apparently, we went on a day when there were no cruise ships and we had the entire park to ourselves and had a private tour. I highly recommend doing this. Julio both got to hold a sloth and got to feed birds and moneys as they sat on our shoulders. Hugging a sloth was my absolute favorite!

So, whether you’re looking for the thrill of adventure or the calmness of nature, Roatan has you covered. So go on and book that ticket. Roatan is waiting for you!

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