Lands End Resort: #1 Cozy Hotel in Roatan

It’s not every day that you come across a place that leaves a lasting impression on you. For me, one such place is the Lands End Resort in Roatan. Our stay here was not just a vacation; it was an enriching experience that added a unique flavor to our island escapade.

A Rustic Charm

Some may describe the resort as rustic, but, in my opinion, it was nothing short of charming. The resort is brimming with personality and exudes a unique vibe that you won’t find in any run-of-the-mill hotel. It’s a small, warm establishment that welcomes you with a large covered deck.

This deck not only houses the restaurant and kitchen but also the management office. I think this is a great introduction to West End, and Roatan in general.

One great feature of this resort is that you need to walk for 5 minutes to be at the main strip at West End. You are close enough to the action, but far away enough to avoid noise and any other issues. In other words, location is perfect.

A Pool and Lounging Area

Just behind the deck lies a pool and a lounging area. This is the perfect spot for sunbathing or just relaxing with a book after a day of exploring the island. There’s also a concrete slab by the water, which serves as a launch point for scuba diving and snorkeling expeditions. And, if you’re interested in these water activities, there’s a gear rental shop conveniently located just a five-minute walk away.

Right behind the pool the hotel has a restaurant. It is small, and everything is handmade from scratch. Do not expect fast food, expect a delicious meal. They also have some great cocktails, mocktails, and drinks of all sorts. All of that is right beside the pool.

The Coziest Rooms in Roatan

Buttersquash enjoying the room!

The rooms are accessible via stairs to the left of the restaurant. They were spacious, clean, and boasted an interesting green hardwood floor. What sets Lands End Resort apart from larger hotel chains is that all the room doors open to the outside. This provides a unique sense of freedom and connection with the environment.

There was a fan in the room, but we also had AC. Not all rooms have AC, but if you really need one they can get one for you for a fee. Roatan might get hot every now and then, and if you need a cool place to sleep I recommend the additional AC.

If AC is not important you and you prefer to feel closer to nature, you can simply open the door to your room. Our room overlooked the sea. However, we visited in the rainy season and due to the rain, we did use the AC and didn’t keep our door open all the time. For tips on packing for Roatan in the rainy season, read this post.

Another great feature is the hotel’s Wi-Fi, apparently one of the best in Roatan. And I honestly think it was. I was able to connect to an important Zoom meeting and it worked quite well. You don’t go to Roatan to be on Wi-Fi, but if you need to, Lands End will not disappoint.

Breakfast at the Resort

Fresh, made to order breakfast

The breakfast menu was set, but everything was freshly made as we sat down to eat. The staff was extremely accommodating of my vegetarian lifestyle, which is something I deeply appreciated. It was a joy to start each day with a delicious meal, prepared with care and served with a smile.

It is important to note that they have a set menu for breakfast every day. They might be able to do limited customizations, but most of the offering will be the same. Needless to say, all of it is made fresh from scratch. All of it is very good.


Our stay at the Lands End Resort was a delightful experience. The rustic charm, the friendly staff, and the connection with the environment made it a truly special place. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a unique holiday experience. If you want to see some recommendations on where to eat, you can look at our Top 3 restaurants in West End.

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